What Are Skuthers?Edit

before you can create a Skuther you have to know what they are. The Skuthers are a race of bipedal fish-like omnivorous creatures native to Skuthor. Oogies are small horned, furry, slug-like, un-intelligent creatures also native to Skuthor. Oogies are kept as pets on Skuthor and almost all Skuthers have one. Skuthers are given "classes". All Skuthers start out at Class 1 and as they grow and become more experienced they move to the next class. Class 5 is the top "class". No Skuthers have ever gone past Class 5.

What Your Skuther Must HaveEdit

EVERY Skuther HAS TO start out at Class 1. when your Skuther's reputation grows considerably you can move it to the next "class".

NO Skuthers can LIVE FOREVER. but when your Skuther dies (you choose when) it can reform into another Skuther.

ALL USERS can only have 1 SKUTHER, but when that Skuther dies it can reform into a new one.


What Your Page Should Be LikeEdit

try to keep a limit on the internet memes, abbreviations and "internet speak" such as DA, OMG, EVAR, and LOL, but this okay once in a while.

try not to copy and paste text and get pictures from other sources. but if you absolutly can't write and draw A SMALL AMOUNT of this is okay, as long as you list your sources at the bottom of the page.

Read the Good And Bad Skuther Examples! Get an idea of what to do!

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