Z and Surge standing in front of Z's Symbol


Z Skuther is a female Class 1 Skuther who started The Wiki as a way for Skuthers to interact and create pages for themselves. Z is running for Ruler Of Skuthor. Z loves technology and promises that Skuthor will be more technologically advanced. Z designed her own armor that is different from most Skuther armor. Z is friends with S and Aswome, the first 2 members of The Wiki. Z has a purple Oogie named Surge. Z invented a lightning gun and a way to control the weather. She is known on Skuthor as "The Keeper". She invented the Symbol System and the Blitzeon Reactor Core.


Z is purple with yellow fins, a color scheme that suits her interest in electricity and lightning. Surge, her Oogie is also purple and yellow.


Z has a purple and yellow Oogie named Surge. Surge got his name because Z bought him on the Horrible Power Surge Of Doom Day.

See AlsoEdit

also check out the VOTE FOR SKUTHOR page, the Symbol System page and the Blitzeon Reactor Core page.

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